Get Drawing! (even if you think you can't.)

My how-to-draw book is designed to help you build your skills and start drawing straight away. With my gentle guidance, you'll learn the principles of drawing and how to put them into practice. The book includes Watchpoints (common errors) and QR code links to demonstration videos.

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Easy step-by-step exercises

Follow along and gradually build up your skills with Karen's simple instructions.

Simple diagrams and photos

No need to imagine what to do - everything you need to know is laid out visually for you.

Video demonstrations

Scan the QR codes in the book to watch Karen walk you through each new technique.

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What is this book about?

Get Drawing is an instructional book on how to observe and draw realistically, with me, your teacher, by your side.  It contains exercises, example sketches and links to online demonstrations.  It’s to help you get drawing.  Get Drawing – understand how to do it and Get Drawing – start drawing. 

Who is the book for?

I have written this book for you, who think you can't draw; you, who've had an art teacher tell you that you would never be able to draw; and for you, who think you don't have talent. This book is for you who believes you haven't a creative bone in your body, can't draw a straight line, can or can't draw stick Figures. It is also for you who are already on your drawing journey.  I'll sit by your side and gently guide you.  

This book is for ALL of you.


How is this book different from other drawing books?

Having taught well over a thousand students to draw, I have found that everyone has the same subconscious ideas of how things should look which lead them to make the same errors while learning to draw.  These mistakes are inevitable no matter who the student is or their previous experience. I have therefore included sections throughout the book called watchpoints which point out common errors made by students.  The watchpoints give the reader a sense that there is a teacher (me) in the room with them. 

I am excited that, through the wonders of technology, you will also have access to video demonstrations throughout the book to help with your learning and drawing process.

Why have I written this book?

One of the problems with drawing books is that you don’t know if or when your drawing is different to what you’re being asked to do in the exercises. By having watchpoints you can refer to them after you’ve done your work to check how you’ve done. You might not notice a difference between what you’ve done and what the example is. Even if you read the watchpoints before you do the exercise you are still likely to make at least some of the errors. 

Every student I've taught has similar 'head talk', the same expectations, the same unhelpful ways of looking or, more accurately, 'not looking'.  They make the same assumptions and trip up on the same pitfalls.  I want you to have the same reaction as when I walk around a classroom and ask you to correct something and they go “oh my god you’re right.” 

'Get Drawing' will enable you to:

  • start drawing straight away
  • understand the blocks to enjoying the drawing process 
  • learn from common misconceptions and mistakes of drawers before you
  • work through step-by-step exercises
  • use this book as a reference to pick up as you need  
  • learn tips and tricks – for that 'aha' moment
  • learn how to observe subjects to enable you to draw them 
  • draw believably and realistically
  • inspire you to draw often 
  • let go of expectations and just draw for pleasure
  • not worry about what your drawing looks like
  • benefit from the ‘side-effects’ of drawing
  • be mindful
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"I've read through your book and wanted to let you know that I think your book is excellent. Actually it's the BEST book on teaching drawing that I've ever seen! You can quote me on that!"

Julie Zohar

The QR codes are a great addition, and the videos were extremely useful in supporting the written detail/exercises. On a personal note, this has been such a fun and inspiring journey! I personally thought I had minimal artistic ability and had not really pursued drawing in a serious way because of that mindset. However, your book has been an absolute confidence booster and I am utterly surprised at how far I've come. I have come away with a new found appreciation and enjoyment for drawing and I look forward to continuing my development in the months to come. Thank you! "

Shaun Wyn-Jones

"Some artists and even art teachers like to encourage an air of mystery around their art processes, as if there is a magic secret that enables mere mortals to be artists. But the best artists and art teachers know that there is no secret - just a passion to learn. Karen is one such artist and art teacher who generously shares her expertise."

Laura Peden

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