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Since 2000 Karen has specialised in teaching non-drawers simple observation skills while introducing them to the magic of the drawing process.

"My overriding philosophy is the pleasure taken in the 'doing' regardless of the end result. The benefits of this creative exposure include an added understanding of the process of art that they are viewing, viewing the world in a different way and the strengthened self-esteem that comes with taking a risk."

Karen's experience with over a thousand individuals from all walks of life has kept her passionate about bringing creativity to those that think they “haven’t a creative bone in their body” or any number of other clichés.  

Karen Frankel’s ‘conversations with canvas’ in mixed media allow for complete freedom to work with beautiful papers, inks, and acrylic without restrictions. Born in Zimbabwe, Karen grew up surrounded and influenced by the art of her father, gifted artist Eli Zagoria. Moving to Western Australia in 1984, she was captivated by the rugged beauty of the Western Australian landscape.

Strongly attracted to interesting shapes, particularly negative space for design and composition, Karen has developed a technique of image creation. In this she creates richly textured multilayered artworks, using papers, acrylic and drawing to build up the images in stages. This produces a certain magical, unexpected quality to the work - happy accidents - that add a character and depth to the work.    

Karen has exhibited widely in WA and works out of her studio in Morley, Perth, where she also runs a wide range of art classes and workshops with a strong focus on teaching beginners in a fun and relaxing way. Karen supports and encourages the student whatever their ability, and take great pleasure in facilitating the discovery of untapped drawing skills - especially for those who think they cannot draw.