DRAWN - Exhibition artist's talk

I have so enjoyed traveling up to Mundaring Arts Centre on the weekends over the period of my exhibition DRAWN.  I gather it's rather unusual for an artist to be at the gallery outside of scheduled events, however the volunteer staff are friendly and generous with cups of tea/coffee offered and - "Are you ok?" every now and then.

My drive up into the hills has been made all the more pleasurable with my music on shuffle in my convertible Renault.  (Just showing off now) and the Arts Centre is a beautiful place to spend time. I marvel at the array of arty gift ware that's available from a diverse selection of artists and artisans.

The last weekend was finished off with an Artist's talk.  I spent an hour showing pictures of my process and talking about my art.  And to finish off one of the audience members bought a painting.

Thanks to all the visitors to the exhibition - on opening night and after.  Thanks especially to all the purchasers of my work.